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About the FRC Procedures and Policies Enforcement Procedures Supporting documents, policies and guidance

Supporting documents, policies and guidance

On 17 June 2016, the FRC became the 'competent authority' for audit in the UK under new legislation which came into force following the EU Audit Regulation and Directive.

Audit Enforcement Procedure (AEP)

Supporting documents

Conduct Committee Guidance (PDF)

Guidance for Case Examiner (PDF)

Hearings Guidance (PDF)

Publications Policy - Audit Enforcement Procedure (PDF)

Sanctions Policy - Audit Enforcement Procedure (PDF)

Tribunal and Appeal panel terms of appointment (PDF)

Accountancy Scheme Policies and Guidance

Sanctions Guidance (effective 1 June 2014) (PDF)

Publication Policy (Accountancy Scheme) (July 2013) (PDF)

Guidance on the delivery of Formal Complaints (Accountancy Scheme) (July 2013) (PDF)

Guidance on commencement of investigation of cases by the FRC (Accountancy Scheme) (July 2013) (PDF)

Actuarial Scheme Policies and Guidance

Actuarial Scheme Sanctions Guidance (November 2016) (PDF)

Guidance on the Delivery of Formal Complaints (Actuarial Scheme) (May 2012) (PDF)

Guidance for referral/call in of actuarial cases (February 2011) (PDF)

Publication Policy (still in force in relation to the Actuarial Scheme) (October 2010) (PDF)

Policies and Guidance applicable to the AEP and both Schemes

FRC Tribunal Panel Members Fees and Expenses Policy (Revised March 2017) (PDF)

Guidance Notes: Convening Tribunals and Appeal Tribunals, timetabling, and the fixture of hearings under the Accountancy Scheme and Actuarial Scheme (May 2015) (PDF)

Guidance on the disclosure of unused material (July 2013) (PDF)

Tribunal Panel Member Statement of Independence Guidance Notes (July 2013) (PDF)

Policies and guidance applicable to the Accountancy Scheme and Actuarial Scheme

Guidance: Reaching determinations in respect of Proposed Settlement Agreements under the Accountancy Scheme and Actuarial Scheme (March 2017) (PDF)