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Other Actuarial Publications

Review of compliance statement practice

In May 2012, the FRC published a review (PDF) of the approaches being adopted by practitioners to confirm compliance with its Technical Actuarial Standards (TASs).

Actuarial information used for accounts and other financial documents

In October 2009 the FRC published a consultation paper (PDF) on whether there should be a Specific TAS covering actuarial information used for accounts and other financial documents. In light of the consultation responses, it decided not to produce a Specific TAS in this area; instead the Specific TASs on Pensions and Insurance cover aspects of this work. In March 2010 the FRC produced an analysis of responses (PDF) to the consultation paper.

Actuarial Mortality Assumptions

In March 2008, the FRC published a discussion paper on actuarial mortality assumptions. The paper was intended to inform the FRC’s thinking during the development of the TASs and it sought input on a number of possible requirements relating to mortality that might be included in future technical actuarial standards. In light of the responses, in November 2008 the FRC produced an analysis of responses (PDF) to the consultation paper. 

The FRC’s work on the discussion paper was informed by a Mortality Research Group consisting of academics and actuaries established to consider mortality. The Group considered what factors actuaries can, or should, take into account when setting mortality assumptions and the information that is available to help them to do so. The Group’s findings were published in a report (PDF) in March 2008.

Other consultations etc

Consultations on (and responses to) the Scope and Authority of Technical Actuarial Standards, the existing TASs and AS TM1 may be found on the relevant pages.