Practice Notes

Practice Notes are intended to assist auditors in applying auditing standards of general application to particular circumstances and industries.

Practice Notes and Bulletins are persuasive rather than prescriptive. However, they are indicative of good practice, even though they may be developed without the full process of consultation and exposure used for standards.

PN 10: The Audit of Public Sector Financial Statements is now issued by the Public Audit Forum, which has been designated by the FRC to issue a Statement of Recommended Practice (December 2016) (PDF)

PN 11 (Revised) The Audit of Charities in the United Kingdom (March 2012) (PDF)

PN 12 (Revised) Money laundering - Guidance for auditors on UK legislation (September 2010) (PDF)

PN 14 The audit of housing associations in the United Kingdom (January 2014) (PDF)

PN 15 (Revised) The Audit of Occupational Pension Schemes in the United Kingdom (Revised) - January 2011 (PDF)

PN 19 (Revised) The Audit of Banks and Building Societies in the United Kingdom (March 2011)  (PDF)

PN 20 (Revised): The audit of Insurers in the United Kingdom (January 2017) (PDF)

PN 21 The audit of investment businesses in the United Kingdom (Revised) - December 2007 (PDF)
Paragraphs 180 to 263, Appendix 1.1 and Appendix 2.2 are superseded by the Client Asset Assurance Standard 

PN 22 The Auditors' Consideration of FRS 17 'Retirement Benefits' - Defined Benefit Schemes (April 2002) (PDF)

PN 23 Special Considerations in Auditing Financial Instruments (July 2013) (PDF)

PN 26 (Revised) Guidance on Smaller Entity Audit Documentation (December 2009) (PDF)

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