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Standing and working groups

In order to address particular issues, standing groups and working groups may be established by the Council, under the oversight of the Codes & Standards Committee, to assist the Council in developing it's advice to the FRC Board and/or the Codes and Standards Committee (CSC). The groups will be constituted with the expertise appropriate to address the group’s particular remit (for example the requirements of the public sector) and the continuing need for the group will be reviewed annually.
Currently two standing groups are established to assist the Audit and Assurance Council in providing advice on audit and assurance matters. One standing group provides advice in relation to the requirements of the public sector and the second standing group represents Irish interests in the developent of standards and guidance.
In addition, there are two working groups, one provides advice in relation to investment circulars, the second provides advice to assist the development of standards and guidance in relation to client assets.

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