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 Lab Case Study Report: WM Morrisons Supermarkets PLC - Supplier relationships and emergent issues reporting

Business model reporting

 Business model reporting: Lab report summary

 Lab Project Report: Business model reporting



Project                                                    Report   Summary  Video

Financial Reporting:

WM Morrisons Supermarkets PLC                          

Business model reporting                                                     

Accounting policies and integration of                                            

related financial information

William Hill - accounting policies                                          

Debt terms and maturity tables                                           


Net debt reconciliations                                                        

Operating and investing cash flows                                      

Presentation of market risk disclosures                                   


A single figure for remuneration                                         


Reporting of Audit Committees                                  
    -   Implementation study                                      

Reporting of pay and performance                             


Corporate reporting in a Digital World -                                             
Digital present

Towards Clear & Concise Reporting                                        

Disclosure of dividends – policy and practice                                       

Disclosure of dividends – policy and practice               
Implemetation Study


Lab reminders for the 2014 reporting season                

Lab reminders for the 2013 reporting season               


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