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  • The FRC promotes high quality corporate governance and reporting to foster investment.

    Timely, relevant and trustworthy information about company performance, prospects and board behaviour helps attract capital to UK companies.
  • The FRC sets and promotes high standards in accounting, auditing and actuarial practice.

    We oversee the conduct of the professionals involved.
  • The FRC's culture is open and collaborative.

    We embrace diversity and provide equality of opportunities for our staff
  • As the competent authority for audit the FRC is the UK's independent audit regulator.

    We monitor the quality of audits of public interest entities and take enforcement action where necessary.
  • Culture to Capital: aligning corporate behaviour with long term performance

    Companies face a wake-up call to review their cultures
21 Oct 2016
The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has today published a revised version of Actuarial Standard Te... > read more
21 Oct 2016
Annual Review of Corporate Reporting provides the regulator’s assessment of the quality of corporate... > read more
20 Oct 2016
Improvements to the statement of cash flows are proposed in a consultation launched by the FRC > read more
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